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Dec 30, 2011

Making A Splash!

Our most recent client came to us for help with favors for her son, Tyler’s sixth birthday celebration.  With the holidays just behind us and being a business owner herself, she simply didn’t have the time to plan his party and make the favors too.  The party was set to be at Pump It Up in San Francisco, an indoor area with gigantic inflatables for children of all ages. 

Tyler’s mommy told us that after a recent visit to Legoland, he’s been really into sharks.  She wanted to somehow incorporate sharks into his birthday theme and have edible treats for the guests to take home. We were excited to help her whip up something fun (and delicious!) for the favors she envisioned.

What birthday party is complete without dessert and pops for that matter?!?  We suggested a colorful display of chocolate dipped oreo pops surrounded by shark shaped rice krispy treats.  Both mommy and Tyler loved the idea and believed in us to deliver something out of the ordinary! 

We heard from the family immediately after the party today and was told that the favors were the biggest hit at the party, for both kids and adults!  As it was displayed on the table, everyone couldn’t help but to pick one up to look at.  The cutest thing we heard was…each child kept asking their parents when they could take one.  Although we weren’t there to witness it ourselves, just to hear how much happiness the treats brought to the children, we cannot be more pleased with our work!

Nov 4, 2011

Bunny and Bunny’s Wedding Rehearsal

Tonight was the wedding rehearsal dinner for Bunny and Bunny, AKA our good friends Isabel and Dean.  The couple requested a non-Hawaiian themed, but Hawaiian food…served, casual get-together for 60 people.

Since the couple famously named themselves Bunny and Bunny, we decided to theme the dinner after them.  Each plate and serving set was personalized with two bunnies and their names…aren’t they adorable?!?! 

Coordinating with the couple’s wedding color, coral, we decided to decorate with coral tablecloths, white and peach hydrangeas, orange/yellow tulips, and white, peach and coral pom-pom balls. 


The dessert table consisted of Bride & Groom Red Velvet cake pops, individually-cupped haupia, ribboned with a spoon, and mochi – assorted flavors of blueberry, kinako, red bean, and white bean.


Can’t wait to celebrate YOUR BIG DAY!!

Stayed tuned for an entry on their wedding day…We are so honored to have been asked to do Day-of Coordination for them!

Aug 7, 2011

Luau Invitations…All Done!

Luau invitations done and ready to be sent!  To give them a kid-friendly look, we decided to go with a colorful flip-flop adorned with a flower…Mikayla’s favorite!

Jul 2, 2011

The Brainstorming Begins…

My daughter started hula lessons last month and is having the time of her life!  Hubby and I decided we will have a luau for her 5th birthday coming up in September.  Immediately, I thought, “everyone has had a luau for one occasion or another…how are Janet and I going to make people say, “wow!”  So, the brainstorming begins today.  My first crazy idea…hula girl cake pops!!  Don’t you think that would be SUPER cute?!  We could easily do a coconut or a pineapple, but neither of those really shouts a little girl luau.  We’ll keep you updated on the outcome!
Jun 8, 2010

Welcome to Whimsical Dream!

After years of planning events together and numerous requests from friends and family, we are finally taking the first step in documenting all the crazy events we have created together.  Welcome to our blog!

Whimsical Dream…what does this all mean and why Whimsical Dream?  Whimsical is defined as unusual, spontaneous, fantastic, quaint, and sometimes unpredictable.

As crazy as this may sound, we at Whimsical Dream would like to say we are a mixture of everything above.  Always reaching for the impossible, the two of us would randomly call each other and come up with new crafting ideas.  There were a few times where we had looked at each other and thought the other one was insane, but we’ll laugh about it, and get working!

We will love to hear from you!  Please leave us your comments and creative ideas.  :)