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Aug 18, 2010

It’s All Coming Together!

When I hit my 3 months before the wedding mark, one thing that I couldn’t check off my to-do list was finding a card box for my sign-in table.  I know I can wrap a few boxes together, dress it up with a bow, and decorate them with my own personal touches.  However, I was hoping for something more, something different and unique to tie into our cherry blossom theme.  I gave up on the search and decided to add that onto my DIY list instead!  :)  

I first thought about a hanging tree with a slot for cards towards the base and little note cards for people to write add’l messages onto the branches of the tree, but then I figured transporting something with so many branches will be rather hard, especially since we will need to move it to 2 different sites.  Being a person that loves pictures, I was inspired to incorporate photos into my box, why not make something with multiple usage, a card box for our guests to drop in their gifts + a chance for us to display our engagement photos!

Lucky for me, I immediately thought of the fiance to help me with this new found “project”.  :P  I figured this could be his DIY contribution to the wedding and he was definitely a great sport about it.  We went to buy the supplies together, stopped by Michael’s for the frames and stuffing, Home Deport for the wood, lazy Susan and hinges, and Chinatown for the fabric to match with my Chinese dress. 

Sounds simple enough….right?  At least my part was, I just created the “vision” and he had to help me execute it.  He spent weeks on trying to perfect the box – cutting the wood, hinging the frames together to form the box, and making sure everything functioned properly with the lazy Susan.  When it was all finished, I was speechless!  It was exactly how I wanted the box to be, the details and all the time he spent making this silly box for me, it was the BEST wedding present I could have ever asked for!  Mommy and auntie stopped by tonight and the moment they saw the box, they were fixated on how it was made.  No offense to Yosh, but they actually first thought he was trying to take credit for a store-bought product.  Kudos to Yosh for a good well done and excellent craftsmanship!