Mar 3, 2012

Beckett’s Red Egg & Ginger

 A Red Egg and Ginger party is an event when proud parents and grandparents introduce the new baby to friends and relatives.  In the Chinese culture, the red egg represent happiness and good luck in fertility, and the ginger represents the yin and yang (cold and warm) balance in the mother to keep her healthy after birth.  Beckett was born in the Year of the Rabbit (Dec. 2011).  Those born in the year of the rabbit are said to be friendly, outgoing, and prefer the company of others.  Beckett, we can see you are already going to be a sweetie, stealing the hearts of many girls!!

When we asked the proud parents if they had a theme in mind, right away, animals were out.  Their baby shower theme was animals, so they wanted something new.  With no other restrictions, we went on a hunt for cute designs.  Our first stop….Paper Source!  Dad felt strongly about having blue being a part of the color scheme, making sure Beckett had a “manly” party!  Right away we fell in love with the traditional polka dots…ideas of how to incorporate circles into the party got us excited, so we went with it!

Details…everything was all about the details for this red egg and ginger party.  From excitedly working on rabbit rice krispy pops to the finishing touches to vases, decorations, napkin rings, we had a blast planning Beckett’s Red Egg and Ginger Party! 


Guests wrote personal wishes for Baby Beck on “Well Wish” cards and tied them to the well wish tree.

Last, but not least, everyone’s favorite…dessert!  Accompanying the two cakes purchased at a local Chinatown bakery, we made rabbit rice krispy pops and traditional cake pops, dipped in chocolate to match the party colors!  THEY CAME OUT SUPER CUTE!!  What do you think?!




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