Nov 4, 2011

Bunny and Bunny’s Wedding Rehearsal

Tonight was the wedding rehearsal dinner for Bunny and Bunny, AKA our good friends Isabel and Dean.  The couple requested a non-Hawaiian themed, but Hawaiian food…served, casual get-together for 60 people.

Since the couple famously named themselves Bunny and Bunny, we decided to theme the dinner after them.  Each plate and serving set was personalized with two bunnies and their names…aren’t they adorable?!?! 

Coordinating with the couple’s wedding color, coral, we decided to decorate with coral tablecloths, white and peach hydrangeas, orange/yellow tulips, and white, peach and coral pom-pom balls. 


The dessert table consisted of Bride & Groom Red Velvet cake pops, individually-cupped haupia, ribboned with a spoon, and mochi – assorted flavors of blueberry, kinako, red bean, and white bean.


Can’t wait to celebrate YOUR BIG DAY!!

Stayed tuned for an entry on their wedding day…We are so honored to have been asked to do Day-of Coordination for them!

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