Nov 13, 2011

Neapolitan Pops!

Being first time parents can already be stressful task, but when you
are trying to plan a party to celebrate the birth of your child on top
of that, can you imagine the stress the parents must be going through?
 By the time we were contacted, most of the planning process for their
daughter’s red egg and ginger party was already done….date set,
location picked out, but the missing piece of the puzzle was the
As much as the mom wanted to make something on her own, she simply did
not have the time or energy, especially when they were expecting about
250 guests.  We were more than happy to pitch in and help lighten the
load!  She wanted something edible and practical, but cute at the same
time.  After making them various samples of our cakepops and edible
favors, they fell in love with our neapolitan rice krispy pop.
Sticking with the traditional flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and
chocolate, we made each layer of the pops to represent each flavor.
250 edible favors is our biggest order to date, but we had such a
blast making them!  Individually wrapped with a personalized tag, the
parents were ecstatic when we made the delivery this morning before
their event.

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